Friday, September 2, 2011

Ugh, Truley You Jest, SMB's Unprepared for Disaster?

Symantec SMB DR Preparedness Report

This is most disturbing.  The world economy is in the dumps and everyone says it's the SMBs that will drive growth.  It is a well documented fact that 50% of any businesses that suffers a major data loss event go bankrupt.  Just look around right now, one doesn't have to blink an eye these days and see some kind of Nature on display going on.  The Japan earthquake, hurricane damage in the northeast with more storms on the way.  Fires in the south, we are in very active times and all the statistics say we are due for more.

Next fact, if you have anything to do with computers, have you really not heard of the Cloud?  How much easier can it be than to sign up for some cloud based backup to get your data off premise, even if you only do it on a daily basis, only a days worth of change is lost. 

The one the gets me the most, Carbonite.  Any trekkers out there remember the first season where Kirk bluffed an alien with this fictitious material?  Don't misread this as an endorsement for this product.  My comment here is that cloud backup has become so mainstream that you see TV commercials on it and it ties into one of the most successful science fiction brands out there.

Anyone listening out there or do I have to do a Vulcan mind meld for you to understand what needs to be done ???